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The Global Alliance for Rheumatic and Congenital Hearts (Global ARCH) brings together organizations from around the world to learn, collaborate, and speak out together about the unmet needs of those living with childhood-onset heart conditions. Our alliance seeks to improve care for heart disease from timely diagnosis and treatment to lifelong care for physical and mental health. Together, we work to ensure every person impacted by CHD and RHD receives access to quality lifelong care and support

Becoming part of the Global ARCH community is simple and free. 

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Advocacy is a vital part of what we do and who we are. We recognize that taking action is necessary to create change to improve the lives of people with childhood-onset heart disease, no matter where they are born. We invite you to learn more about our advocacy work and to sign our Declaration of Rights and Call to Action and join the Global Coalition for Pediatric & Congenital Hearts. We truly believe that our collective voice and actions will create a future in which every affected person, no matter where they were born, receives the life-long care they need to thrive.

Fundraising & Sponsorships

We can’t do this work alone – it really does take a village! We are a registered 501(c)(3) organization run solely on donations and grants. Therefore, we are always grateful to our supporters who make our work possible. All gifts allow Global ARCH to move towards our goal to improve and prolong the life of every heart child and adult – no matter where they were born. All funds raised help support our global advocacy work and empower patient and family organizations to achieve their goals through our collaborative programs, advocacy, education, and leadership development. Donate today to Global ARCH- click here to give directly! 

Join a Fundraiser

Hearts around the World

Dust off your running shoes and exercise your way onto our world map to make a global impact! By joining our Hearts Around the World to raise funds, you will help us improve the lives of patients living with congenital and rheumatic heart disease.

Ask your friends, family, and colleagues to support you! Run your way along a heart-shaped path, share it with us, and we will add it to our world map. Your generosity will go directly to our programs to help our member organizations better serve their heart communities.

Start your own Fundraiser


Childhood-onset heart disease impacts millions of people around the world leaving many to feel isolated and uncertain about their future. Global ARCH is building a global community as we believe no patient should be fighting this battle alone. We welcome you to create your own fundraiser to help contribute to this global community through:

  • Social events such as birthday parties, holiday events, or dinner party
  • Sports events such as local games, marathons, or similar events
  • School events
  • Silent auctions
  • Corporate events such as lunch events or Dress Down Days

Join us to create a global community and raise funds to empower patient and family groups globally.  



Donations from our sponsors have enabled Global ARCH to empower organizations and improve the lives of patients and families impacted by congenital and rheumatic heart disease around the world. Join us to create meaningful change & improve lives

Interested in becoming a sponsor?  Please email Kate Doherty-Schmeck at to learn more. 

Nahimeh Jaffar 

Nahimeh Jaffar has worked as a certified Project Manager (PMP) in various fields, including Public Health, Biotech, and Pharmaceuticals, working within clinical settings such as hospitals and clinics. In addition, she worked with global communities in Africa, the Caribbean, and the Middle East, supporting various social impact projects. Ms. Jaffar has been involved in preventive health initiatives in collaboration with the Center for Disease Control (CDC, USA) and the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS, USA).


Ms. Jaffar holds an MBA in Business Development from the Swiss Institute of Higher Management, Vevey, Switzerland, and a bachelor’s degree in Consumer Affairs from California State University, Northridge, USA.

Amy Verstappen, President

Amy Verstappen has been a patient advocate and health educator since 1996, when her own challenges living with a complex heart defect led her to the Adult Congenital Heart Association, where she served as president from 2001 to 2013. She has served as an advisor to the Centers for Disease Control the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute; and the International Society for Adult Congenital Cardiac Disease, and worked with congenital heart patient and professional groups throughout the USA and the world.  Ms. Verstappen received a Masters in Education in 1990 and a Masters in Global Health in 2019.