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Healing Hearts and Minds. A Holistic Approach to Coping Well With Congenital Heart Disease, published by Oxford University Press. This is a Global ARCH favourite, written by counselling psychologist Dr. Liza Morton and clinical social worker Tracy Livecchi. The book, available at Amazon, is full of evidence-based, easy to understand information about congenital heart disease, and offers strategies for learning to thrive despite living with this condition. But most importantly, written by two women who live with CHD, it offers hope and connection.

HeartChoir: A fascinating study demonstrating that choir singing improves respiratory muscle strength and quality of life in patients with structural heart disease. Published by Swiss Medical Weekly at University of Basel in Switzerland.

A congenital heart disease resource with outstanding visuals of 50 congenital heart surgeries. A great resource for parents and patients.

Nahimeh Jaffar 

Nahimeh Jaffar has worked as a certified Project Manager (PMP) in various fields, including Public Health, Biotech, and Pharmaceuticals, working within clinical settings such as hospitals and clinics. In addition, she worked with global communities in Africa, the Caribbean, and the Middle East, supporting various social impact projects. Ms. Jaffar has been involved in preventive health initiatives in collaboration with the Center for Disease Control (CDC, USA) and the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS, USA).


Ms. Jaffar holds an MBA in Business Development from the Swiss Institute of Higher Management, Vevey, Switzerland, and a bachelor’s degree in Consumer Affairs from California State University, Northridge, USA.

Amy Verstappen, President

Amy Verstappen has been a patient advocate and health educator since 1996, when her own challenges living with a complex heart defect led her to the Adult Congenital Heart Association, where she served as president from 2001 to 2013. She has served as an advisor to the Centers for Disease Control the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute; and the International Society for Adult Congenital Cardiac Disease, and worked with congenital heart patient and professional groups throughout the USA and the world.  Ms. Verstappen received a Masters in Education in 1990 and a Masters in Global Health in 2019.